Sunday, February 19, 2006

In the Absence of Dog

The weekend has been one of no visitors or houseguests (I entertain a lot when I am In House) and so I've had time to miss the Scottie Dog. There is more room in the bed, I haven't had to open the door 200 times an hour to let him out and the cold air in, and I've had to endure none of his sad, disappointed Princess Diana looks, an artform he has perfected which results in extra treats and walks and generally anything he wants. Yet, I miss him. I imagine him in Florida with his parents, strutting down Main Street of Disney World with mouse ears bobbing as he growls at the folks in the Chip-n-Dale costumes and begs to eat in the Lady and the Tramp café. To the best of my knowledge, non-service dogs are not allowed in the Magic Kingdom and he is really in a condo on the beach chasing waves and seagulls, yet this is how I imagine him. If any dog could convince Disney security that he should be allowed access to the premises, S.D. is the man.

If he were here, what I'd be doing instead of grading three stacks of papers, is playing "Bone." This is his favorite game and I don't understand the rules. He carries this giant bone in his mouth, expects me to chase him, and then hides under the baby grand piano so I can't get him. Game over. He's in control of the game, yet he always seems depressed when it's over.

S.D, turned me into a dog person. Before him, I was just a person who would occasionally smile at a puppy. Then his parents brought him home from the Daisy Hill Puppy Farm, asked if I would watch him for six weeks while they were in Italy, in North Carolina, in Montana, and that was it. He was mine. They think he is theirs: S.D. and I know the truth. And you know who this has given me sympathy for? Those women who go a little crazy and steal other women's babies. I get it. I really do. I woudln't DO it, but I understand. Sure, I could get my own dog, but he is the chosen one. And the fact that he isn't with me but is in Florida? Today, it makes me want to crawl under the piano and sigh.

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