Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Money Laundering

I just did the laundry and found at the bottom of the washer one million, four hundred thousand dollars. Unfortunately, it was Zim dollars, and as such, worth less than a loaf of bread, but it was a heady moment when I first looked down and saw all that green. We’re rich, I thought.

Other areas where I am optimistic this week:

1) My Sunday Seattle departure date will not arrive (Superman will reverse the rotation of the earth to give me more Z time, seems the most likely scenario).
2) Elves will write my syllabus for me.
3) Elves will write my Monday lesson plans for me.
4) Elves will write my annual review for me.
5) Elves will go to the gym for me.
6) The Fairy of Healthy Eating will sprinkle pixie dust on my taste buds so raw vegetables taste better to me than high fructose corn syrup.

With the only thing standing between me and the achievement of said goals being the cooperation of fictional supernatural beings, nothing can stop me.


Julie K said...

I enjoyed reading about your latest travels, as usual. When the elves are done helping you with all of your projects, please send them over to me.

Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for posting the link to my "hooked on houses" blog. I see you also made it easier to leave comments now! Looking forward to reading about your adventures in love and travel in '08.