Sunday, October 07, 2007

A Day in the Life

Aside from Global Warming, I’m thinking Planet Earth has a more pressing problem, and that is this: time is speeding up. What used to be a day is now a week, what used to be a week is now a month. A year is three months long, tops. I seriously thought I could start writing blogs three or four times a week, but instead, I’m not even managing one a month. Why? I don’t have a real house, a real husband and children or real pets, and my real job is not one of those jobs where you have to work eighteen hour days just to avoid being fired. (You can work eighteen hour days if you want, but it isn’t a requirement.) So where does my time go?

It’s Saturday. Here is where it went today:

  • Wake up at 10:15.
  • Sit and stare and plan day: main goal is to grade papers.
  • Go to gym during last 60 minutes gym is open.
  • Go to grocery for foods that pretty much render pointless the last 60 minutes at gym.
  • Unload groceries.
  • Eat some of groceries.
  • Sit and stare.
  • Shuffle papers to be graded.
  • E-mail Z.
  • E-mail old friend who accidentally got pregnant for Baby #3.
  • Read some of novel, Mammoth Cheese, and vow to grade papers after two chapters.
  • Talk on phone.
  • Sit and stare.
  • Prod pile of papers with toe.
  • Read article about Nicole Kidman in new Vanity Fair.
  • Sit and stare and think about Nicole Kidman and how she seems like a nice person and how hope she really is happy and not just pretending.
  • Sort clothes to do laundry.
  • Read more of Mammoth Cheese.
  • Nap.
  • Wake up surprised it is two hours later.
  • Notice papers have not miraculously been graded by elves while sleeping.
  • Lament false sense of reality gotten from childhood spent reading fairy tales.
  • Eat supper.
  • Sit and stare.
  • Speculate papers could be graded most efficiently between ten and midnight.
  • Talk on phone.
  • Decide too hot to do laundry.
  • Read forward to book on Joseph Cornell.
  • Check web to see where most of Joseph Cornell’s art is.
  • E-mail Z to see if he would consider taking a break from next week’s dirty weekend activities in order to go to the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis to see Cornell work there.
  • Sit and think about next weekend’s rendezvous with Z in Minnesota.
  • Wonder if will regret choice of hotel in suburbs instead of one in downtown Minneapolis or St. Paul.
  • Read Z’s reply in which he agrees to go see the art.
  • Eat ice cream.
  • Watch last half of Blood Diamond and critique both Leonardo’s supposed Zimbabwean accent and the diamond industry.
  • Read the news, berate self for being more interested in celebrity news than world events (no wonder world falling apart in manner of Blood Diamond when people care more about what Britney has done today than what peoples are being oppressed in the Third World).
  • Eat popcorn to drown concerns about lack of civic engagement and global activism.
  • E-mail Indiana Jones style friend who leaves Tuesday for new life in Sweden.
  • Read more Mammoth Cheese.
  • Talk to Z on phone about day’s events. (His: papers graded. Mine: papers not graded.)
  • Play with iPod.
  • Decide too late to grade papers.
  • Write blog.

Does Phizer have a drug for procrastination?

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